Took some pieces down this weekend, saw some good stuff around the West Loop

Andrew Rafacz has an interesting show: Murmelte Instrumentephotographs and objects by Kelly Kleinschrodt.  She brings ideas of motherhood front and center with Victorian-era child portrait photography- mother covered in a dropcloth, breastfeeding, and the breast pump.  I was so excited to see these ideas layered into smart work; nothing is less OK in fine art than motherhood.  But the tension to be mined!  

After grad school with two toddlers, I finished with a series of video installations that were a kind of nervous breakdown/lifestyle of trying to be a mother and a serious artist.  

In the last few years, I thought maybe I should keep having kids under wraps, but in the last month all I can think about is layering girls' hand-me-downs into my paintings and making work about the tension that makes it hard to make work.  (duh.)  

Of course I have to be honest, even if the art world can't take moms seriously.  

Partly because my husband was preparing for a show of his own, this month was really busy.  I made small watercolors of piles of clean laundry around the front room and collected photos of messes around the house for interesting and future compositions.  

Back in the West Loop and down the hall from Andrew Rafacz, Kavi Gupta was showing new Tony Tasset works:  big trompe l'oeil/collage, abstract/pop messes.  Some of it was great.  Genuine Ah! is my favorite.

I say, YES! to the mess.