These are pieces I'm finishing up in the studio right now. Really into resin, powder graphite, reflective tape, and oilsticks.  Last night I sleep-purchased (you know, like I woke up a few hours later and wondered if that really happened- like sleep walking maybe?) some reflective beads as part of my continued obsession with the safety paint on roads. I'm not particularly into safety - the opposite, I suppose - more impulsive... but I'm into the thickness of the paint, the reflective quality in only just the right light at the right angle, and maybe even the fact that we paint the roads. This started when my husband brought home reflective tape from a 3M bag sale. I lamented for some time that I wasn't a sculptor, with this access to 3M products on the cheap- until he brought home reflective tapes! The red is my favorite; I'm still playing with the yellow and silver. They have that diamond pattern that keeps them looking like exactly what they are.