about the work

Dozens of layers and a variety of media provide surprising discoveries within the surface. Starting as graphite sketches on birch plywood, each piece evolves through many incarnations over the course of a year or two. The paintings' subsequent strata may include: powdered graphite, automotive pigments, epoxy resin, industrial reflective tape, beeswax, plaster, pastel, oil stick, oil paint, and acrylic paint.

Visually, the work refers loosely to water and rock. While working in the studio, thoughts of how the painting process is reminiscent of stumbling through life, with stops, starts, mistakes, and unexpected beauty, dominate.

These surfaces are a record of tension between meditation and wild inspiration. Wisdom gained from these experiments ebbs and flows; some knowledge is forgotten; but some gets stuck in tide pools. This body of work is alive and ever-changing.